' Time And Distance Overcome, By Eula Bliss

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Essay about “Time and Distance Overcome”
A miracle. That is how Eula Bliss felt about the invention of the telephone. Perhaps because it is a miracle. Worldwide communication. Suddenly everyone is only a phone call away and we are all connected. The invention of the telephone was a gold shining idea, an idea that only had one purpose: to connect people – the invention did connect people, but it also did so much more than that. Something that will be overshadowing the invention forever.
The essay “Time and Distance Overcome” was written in 2008 by Eula Bliss, who is an American non-fiction writer. The essay follows significant themes such as the invention of the telephone, including “the War on Telephone Poles” and racism, specifically the …show more content…

The essay begins in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell presents his first telephone. It describes all the trouble that Alexander Graham Bell had to go through and how several people were against his idea and what these people did, such as throwing dirt into the holes that the telephone companies were digging to the telephone poles (page 8, lines 52-55). The second segment is completely separated from the first segment. The tone towards the invention of the telephone is now negative, without even mentioning the telephone itself. The second segment is a stream of facts that is being repeated throughout the segment. The reason for the repetition is that the author wants to emphasize what happened when the telephone was invented. The author’s intention with this is presumably to say that what happened is not alright. It is also important to mention that the second segment is extremely descriptive. All the occurrences are being described in much detail. Specific towns, crimes, skin color, etc. In this segment, one of the main themes is being presented: racism. It is not only about the fact that a lot of people were hanged from the telephone poles …show more content…

In the beginning of the essay, the author is writing about the invention of the telephone in 1876. Throughout the essay, the author is writing about the invention of the telephone, “the War on Telephone Poles” and racism – including lynching. All the information that we as the readers are being given is completely based on facts. Something that is strengthening the use of logos is that the author seems to be objective. Notwithstanding, of the fact that the author seems to be objective, you are able to argue that the author's beliefs are hidden between the lines. Another significant form of appeal that is being used in the essay is pathos. The essay is filled with pathos – not necessarily directly, but indirectly. When the author is listing all the repulsive actions and events that happened due to the invention of the telephone, it is not necessarily just to give the readers a bunch of facts. It is more likely being used to make the readers understand the misery that mainly the black people went through. The use of pathos is probably also a way to make people remember the essay – it is easy to say: ‘a lot of terrible things happened when and after the telephone was invented’, but when you write it down on paper and you use specific events, it tends to get more under your skin (you feel sorry), which means that you presumably will not forget the essay right away. It does not seem like the author is using ethos because she does

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