Timely Treatment Of Post Conflict Liberia

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The Timely Treatment of Post-Conflict Liberia
Following the end of Liberia’s civil war (which was borne out of the relationship of the US and Samuel Doe, the Liberian people elected a government in a free and fair democratic elections), the country was in need of the US and other world powers to help stimulate the country’s economy and help rebuild its damaged infrastructure. However, the US basically walked away from Liberia at the opportune moment leaving Liberia to its own devices and also at the mercy of the Supreme Being to perform some sort of miracle to rebuild this nation that was once very important to the US during the Cold War.
Focusing on Liberia’s Leaders instead of its People
In concurrence with these two points (Making Common Causes with One Evil-Doer in Order to Defeat a Greater Evil-Doer and The Timely Treatment of Post-Conflict Liberia) the US has often developed its foreign policy relative to the leader of a country, rather than the citizenry. Below are the three leaders that the US developed its foreign policy with:
 Tubman and the United States, 1944-1971
William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, the 11th president of Liberia and the longest serving president in Liberian history (almost 28 years), succeeded President Barclay immediately after World War II when the winds of the Cold War were already blowing across the world. The Soviet Union and United States turned the continent of Africa into a superpower rivalry playground, in order to inculcate or introduce

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