To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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In todays educational system many think that explicit content should not be taught due to its sensitive and controversial content. In Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, set in Maycomb County, Alabama within the 1930s, an innocent girl, along with her family and friends, comes to the realization that her community is not as they once thought, robbing her and others of their innocence through racism and discrimination. The now adult protagonist, Jean Louise Finch or better known as Scout Finch, narrates the story of her childhood within the times of racial prejudice with her family, neighbours and friends. Scout and her four-year older brother, Jeremy Finch, or Jem, live in a house with her Father, Atticus Finch, who is a single parent as well as a lawyer, and an African American nanny who comes by to help, named Calpurnia. Scout and Jem become friends with a boy named Dill Harris in the summertime. Dill takes an interest on the Radley place, a creepy house, saying that a phantom named Boo Radley lives there along with the owner Nathan Radley. The following fall Scout goes to school for the first time and she hates it. The children find gifts in a knothole on a tree situated within the Radley property. Dill returns the next summer and the kids make a game of the Radley’s to try and lure Boo Radley out of his house, and Atticus tells them to stop and imagine the perspective of the Radleys. The next winter Jem and Scout find more presents in the tree, but eventually Nathan
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