To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 10 Analysis

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In chapter 11 Walter didn’t want to work at the garment center. Walter had wanted to be a lawyer at the age nine. Walter would simply memorize a passage and recited it. A coach had asked Walter to come for track his junior year. In chapter 12 Walter missed three weeks of school. Walter lusted three weeks before he stopped going to school again. In chapter 10 the idea of what it meant to be poor changed in the late sixties. Most of Walter life had been divided between school, reading, and ball playing. The second burden of that summer came in the form of Walter grandfather. William Dean was a tall, ramrod-straight man with mannerisms that seemed more appropriate for the nineteenth century than for 1951. After the civil war the former …show more content…

Walter had begun to see things different. Walter had traveled to other parts of New York City, but his world, of course, was Harlem. Walter also had hard time writing about Harlem because it was turning into the ghetto. One morning Walter started his formal observations, beginning at 125th street and the Hudson River. When Walter was walking along 125th street, he was seeing what he had been seeing all his life. Walter continued across 125th until he reached the building where unity insurance was located. Unity was where he had gone once every three months to make insurance payments for his parents. In chapter 9 it talks about sonnets form Portuguese. Walter seventh and eighth grade year which were his special progress did in one year. Walter had not had no major fights and for the depression of his father. Walter sister Imogene had come to Harlem to live with George Myers. Walter spent his summer divided between playing basketball and reading. Walter was helped briefly by a thin black man called Fatty who was coach of a team called Comanche’s, one of the best team in the city. Mary Finley was Walter teacher in ninth grade. Walter had never seen a teacher with such high hopes or one who would be so bitterly disappointed. Mrs. Finley tried to minimize the damage by saying that one of the

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