To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell is a powerful woman she has quite a bit of control over some people such as her little siblings that she has basically became the mother of. Mayella also has some control over Tom Robinson, because he is an african american and she is a white woman and this time period white was greater than african americans. The definition of power is “the ability to have control over not only others, but yourself and your own actions as well”. Mayella had a unique way of convincing the entire town of Maycomb Alabama that Tom Robinson had raped her when it was actually her father. Mayella used this to her advantage and got an innocent man behind bars.
Mayella Ewell had a very specific way of getting what she wanted at the time that she wanted it. Although she was very poor and did not have much money, most people felt extremely sorry for her. Mayella had a very poor social life, she did not have that many friends, she was extremely poor and she lived behind a trash can. Mayella’s class contributed to her power, because she was a white woman, and the man that she accused of raping her was african american. Mayella has power over Tom Robinson and she has a higher class than him, he calls her “ma’am” and she gets extremely offended by it so much that she tells the judge he is “making fun of her”. (Doc C.1)
Mayella’s gender affects her power tremendously, because although she is a women she can overrule a black man at any point that she

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