To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Introduction

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee. It takes place in the southern, racist town of Maycomb. The book takes place in the 1920’s and follows the events of a girl named Scout. Lee really puts you in the pages of this amazing novel. She using events that happened in her life and adapts them to her characters. In this novel you can see racism and how bad it really was in very southern times. Through the book you can see the horrible horrors of racism.

The book follows the events of Scout, a young adventurous girl, who is very outspoken and funny. She has a brother named Jem who is a very wise character and likes to take dares. During the summer a boy named Dill comes every summer. He likes to tell “stories” and how he is very mature for doing adult things. He is the character that is most immune to racism, because he did not grow up in a racist town like Maycomb. His character represents innocence. Jem and Scouts father’s name is Atticus. He is a retired attorney who takes a very daring challenge. In school Scout gets into an …show more content…

We see Scout and numerous other children drop little racist sayings. In the novel Scout constantly uses the n-word to refer to black people as individuals. She says to Atticus that “Calpurnia says that’s n-word talk”. The way she uses the word lightly and constantly in the book shows that beneath her appearance she is a racist. It's not her fault, it's the towns. The town’s racist so it rubs off on the children. I think of racism has a filthy, disgusting disease that is started with older generations and works its way into the minds of younger generations. It's a disease that keeps going in an infinite loop. Bob Ewell blamed a black man for something he didn't do because of his race. Tom did not rape his daughter and is being blamed for it because of race. The children that are trapped in this racist town are stuck and cannot escape the disease of dehumanizing and

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