To Kill A Mockingbird Impact On Society

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Introduction The concept of racism has presented itself in multiple different forms throughout the town of Maycomb. While some were more flagrant and obvious, others were presented in a more sly and concealed manner. But regardless in which form it was presented in racism still had a variety of both its positive and negative effects on the society of Maycomb. Mainly, the society of Maycomb was affected in an emotional, social and or standpoint/manner, with mostly negative effects. Body Paragraph #1: Emotional Effects - Priyana The emotional effects felt by the community of Maycomb was most vibrant and visible during and after the Tom Robinson case catastrophe. The Tom Robinson case was a clear example of the White’s prejudice against African …show more content…

Jem’s reaction to the results of the trial was one of the most powerful reactions of them all. Throughout the whole case Jem had hope that Tom will be found innocent so when he was announced as guilty he was stunned. Scout noted how each time the word “guilty” was spoken Jem reacted as if he was being stabbed. Jem later cries when they leave the courtroom, the …show more content…

This horrible event causes Jem to lose his innocence but gain an understanding on social justice issues in Maycomb. One of the first signs you notice of the African Americans showing their respect and gratitude towards Atticus for defending a man of their kind is shown when Reverend Skyes along with the rest of the balcony (all african americans) take a stand as Atticus passes by once the trial ends. Even though Tom Robinson ended up being charged guilty anyways Atticus still managed to keep the jury out for a longer time than it would usually take for the jury to come to a conclusion (always charged guilty) on a case that involves an African American. So in many ways the African American community in Maycomb has seen Atticus’s defeat as a major victory or in other words a “baby step” towards justice. After day after the Tom Robinson case trial the black community of Maycomb overwhelms Atticus with gifts of food to show their appreciation and gratitude for defending Tom with all his effort at the trial. Atticus’s reaction itself to the gifts is powerful. The readers are informed that his “eyes had filled with tears” (217.19). This is an action that shows how much Atticus is overwhelmed at the generosity of these

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