To Kill A Mockingbird Symbolize

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Have you ever thought about what a mockingbird symbolize? To be a mockingbird you have to believe in kindness, peace, and equality. In this book there are 2 characters that represent a mockingbird. Their names are Jew and Atticus. The name of this book is call To kill a Mockingbird and it's by Harper Lee. Jem is the son of Atticus. Jem went to this trial Atticus would be defending Tom Robinson, a black man. Jem thought that Tom would be treated equally in a trial. What makes Jem a mockingbird is that he believes everyone should be treated equally and fairly. He believed that no matter what color you were you had a good chance as a white man to a fair trial. While he was watching the trial Jem told his sister, Scout, “and we're gonna win,
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