To What Extent Does the Law Achieve Justice

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To what extent does the law achieve justice?
The literal meaning of justice is ‘the quality of being morally right and fair’ but there are various theories which can be considered and compared since they all define justice in a different way.
Formal and concrete would need to be considered. Formal justice is concerned with the methods and procedures in place for decision making and allocating goods and services. It can be said that as long as procedures are fair and everyone has an equal chance to get access to the law, the system can be seen as being formally just. However this could lead to injustice such as before the case of R v R if a judge was to follow formal justice, it would mean that married women would not have the same …show more content…

Nozick’s theory of justice was not achieved since the interference was not kept as a minimal.
Utilitarianism was a theory of justice that was developed by Jeremy Bentham and later on modified by John Stuart Mill which said that justice is achieved when there’s the greatest happiness for the greatest number. In the case of R v Brown & others, the defendants were not given the defence of

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