To What Extent is Religion Essential To Society?

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With the implementation of basic human rights, religion’s fundamental use as a form of societal control to pacify populations becomes ever redundant. There is no longer the necessity of religion to be the basis of a moral code. Nations categorized by low degrees of social and economical security have the lowest prevalence of atheism and vise versa (high security = highest prevalence of atheism). Due to the correlation between prosperity and lack of religion, more secularly prosperous nations are moving away from sectarianism to secularism. Socio- economic well-being generally results in a decline in the social significance of religion as it’s function as a social safety- net becomes unnecessary. However, no culture has been without religion in one form of another (myths, gods etc.) as a result of our biological craving to justify the unexplained. Nonetheless, religion arguably hinders growth of modern society by its tendency to ignore factual based findings and replacing doubt with a false, unsubstantiated surety. More than half the people under the age of 50 stated that religion was not important. Furthermore, recent findings demonstrate that the shift of religious importance by generation will persist unless religion does not tolerate society’s values. This…
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