Tom Robinson Character Analysis

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Tom Robinson is portrayed as a mockingbird in this novel, he has done nothing but good in the town of Maycomb, but one issue brought the end to him. Tom Robinson is a great example of a mockingbird they are identical to each other, just like a Mockingbird. Tom follows what he is supposed to do every day, following rules and not causing any problems in his work, which is identical to what a mockingbird does stays inline ever out of it. Even though Tom is a fine young man he has a flaw, he’s a colored man which puts him at a disadvantage over everything no matter what the cause is, this is also a reason he is portrayed as a Mockingbird. Since racism was at a high during that time period it was way easy for colored people to get in trouble, and that's what happened to Tom, he was purposely targeted like he was prey. Alterations happened and Tom Robinson had been sent to the court which was the beginning of the end for Tom. Being a coloured man in a trial, knowing that once you enter the court you have already lost because of the ignorance that the people of the town have just because that they are racist and don’t see any justice for the coloured person is polluted They don’t see the bigger picture beyond the colour of their skin, they are just blinded that is why when Tom proved his innocence at the point where “Thomas Robinson reached around, ran his fingers under his left arm and lifted it. He guided his arm to the Bible and his rubber-like left hand sought contact

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