Essay on Tom Wolfe’s: O Rotten Gotham

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Tom Wolfe’s: O Rotten Gotham

“It got to be easy to look at New Yorkers as animals, especially looking down from some place like a balcony at Grand Central at the rush hour Friday afternoon.” (Tom Wolfe). “O Rotten Gotham” argues that New Yorkers are in a state of behavioral sink. It would not be long before a “population collapse” or a “massive die off”.

Throughout the article, Wolfe made his opinion clear. He believes everything New Yorkers go through is unhealthy and inhumane. Humans were compared to rats using the overcrowding, the ways of life, and the filth as examples. From the adrenaline rushes and car horns to helicopter noises and constant overcrowding, New York City is a constant stress causing environment.

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You never hear Wolfe mention the positives about the environment. What about the Statue of Liberty, America’s most famous symbol for freedom? What about Times Square? When it’s time to start a new year, it is in New York City, where everyone is there or watching it on their televisions across the nation.

Perhaps the most important of all is Central Park. Central Park goes against everything Wolfe mentioned from people acting like animals, to the bad conditions of the city, and all the noises and craziness. This is the place in New York City where everyone goes to get away from it all. If someone is stressed and needs to get out of the city, but still be in the city, this is where they go. There are over 800 acres of grass, playgrounds, a carousel, castles, statues, and the Bethesda Fountain. The elegant horses equipped with a carriage and a chauffer are ready to take you for a ride around the park.

David O’Sullivan, from Yonkers NY, brought up some positive things about living in New York City. He talked about the very social environment. “I moved from there to Morehead, KY and it is totally opposite. I like clubs, bowling alleys, a choice of a million restaurants to eat at, and places to hang out, which are the things New York City has.” David also brought up the point that you do not have to own a car in the city. He took the subway everywhere, and got around much faster than compared to dealing with

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