Tools Of Disempowerment

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This transformation became evident in the completion various projects later on in my school years. At every opportunity, I sought ways to use skill-based literacy tools to critique socio-historical circumstances as it related to my own life and other marginalized groups of interest. I was increasingly making use of relevant academic tools and resources to extend my own social and cognitive development. But more importantly, the creation of a Third Space, allowed me to critically reflect on my experiences through a heightened sense of awareness. For example, by historicizing my family’s migration to the United States within a larger social and historical context at an early age, I was better able to reflect on present disparities. This included a deep reflection on educational opportunities for children from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds and the social and language experience of children from immigrant families coexisting in a society where the predominant culture differs across several dimensions. Additionally, through the exploration of relevant themes that were personally linked to me, I was more invested and engaged in the literacy learning …show more content…

Tools of disempowerment should be replaced with an understanding and deep knowledge of how differences in social and historical contexts shape children’s perception of self. It is a unique and delicate balance between a collaboration among children, parents, education, and policy makers as well as autonomous pursuits of children. Environments that enable children to create spaces where they can attain heightened awareness to address social, cultural, and political issues should be a priority. My funds of knowledge will be used to shape a pedagogy that is empowering and capitalizes on sources of diversity in ways that does not undermine individual social and cognitive

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