Torn Between The Beliefs Of The Southern And Northern States

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Torn between the beliefs of the Southern and Northern states that surrounded it, Virginia was in conflict and opposition regarding views to abolish or continue the culture of slavery. Several Northern states had begun the process of ending slavery while the Southern states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia were refusing to do so. The citizens in the state of Virginia had opposing views. Some desired to continue slavery while others wanted to place an end to it. Through the years several laws were made and passed that prohibited anyone from freeing slaves. In 1723 Virginia passed a law that forbid the emancipation of slaves as a slave owners last will and testament. However, there was an exception to this law. If a slave…show more content…
He provided clothing, descent living quarters and food for them. He also challenged and pursued the right to gain emancipation for the slaves he owned. The laws regarding emancipation were designed to prevent and discourage anyone from seeking this freedom for their slaves. Washington eventually found a loophole in the laws that allowed him upon his death to emancipate his slaves and give them their freedom. Washington died the year of 1799. Shortly after in 1806 Virginia repealed the emancipation law. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson along with others worked diligently to pass laws that would abolish slavery. One by one laws were passed that placed the abolishment of slavery one step closer to being reality. George Washington acting as President of the United States passed the first federal racial civil rights law in America on August 7, 1789. The law prohibited slavery in any new state that wanted to enter the Union. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson was elected President. In 1806, he passed the law banning international slave trade. The law also specified that any trading of slaves was a crime and a violation of human rights. Congress complied in 1807 and the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves was signed into law. Although slave trade was banned, slave smuggling into the United States continued. Two different slave rebellions broke out in Virginia. The first rebellion known as

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