Torture Is It Ever Permissible?

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Running Head: IS IT EVER PERMISSIBLE TO TORTURE SOMEONE 1 Is it ever permissible to torture a person Patricia Brawn PHI 103: Informal Logic Elisabeth Nicholes January 30, 2017 Running Head: IS IT EVER PERMISSIBLE TO TORTURE SOMEONE 2 Torture is considered to be a cruel and degrading act of causing severe pain either mentally or physically to another human being by using force to get them to confess information they may have related to a crime or wrongful act. There are many other effect ways to get information that can be les harmful to the victim. Torture is seen as an inhumane …show more content…

Torture can be morally justifiable when torturing a wrongdoer would prevent them from seriously hurting innocent people for the purpose of gathering information that my not necessarily be the truth. Those arguing against the use of torture expressed the following concerns: that torture is sometimes endorsed as a punishment rather than as a means of extracting information (Carlsmith & Sood,2009), that the wrong people are tortured more often than the right people (Bellamy,2006), and that there are insufficient safeguards in the current system to prevent these misapplications from occurring. Few people agree that torturing innocent people who do not have any relevant information is morally right. This analysis assumes that there is a reasonable probability that the to-be-tortured person has information that, if acquired by the torturer, could potentially prevent some significant harm from coming to others. For this assignment I will use the hypothetical scenario commonly known as “the ticking bomb dilemma" and is invariably invoked whenever the ethics of torture are debated (Greenberg,2006). In this dilemma the agent believes to have a terrorist in custody that is believed to possess critical knowledge of a pending terrorist attack or some other horrific event that will soon cause many innocent people (civilians, children), to be harmed and even killed. She believes that if she can acquire information she will be able to

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