Totalitarianism In Fahrenheit 451

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Totalitarianism is the most radical denial of freedom. It describes a society with no rights and no control over one’s own thoughts or actions. According to the Online Oxford Dictionaries, totalitarianism is, “a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state” ( In other words, totalitarianism is a society controlled by a government, composed of a limited amount of people, with complete control over the population. Throughout Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury entails of a society controlled by a totalitarian government, providing insight on how its mechanics function. Bradbury, a renowned writer especially for his visions of the future expressed …show more content…

Fear is a common technique adopted by totalitarian governments in order to maintain control. Bradbury demonstrates the use of fear, in Fahrenheit 451, through the public burning of books; “Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright” (Badbury 58). Fire is big, bright and noticeable. Books are burnt for everyone to see, in order to create a population who do not rebel, since they become fearful of having their houses burnt down as well. After committing a crime, escape becomes the only option to avoid punishment, such as condemnation. However, the Mechanical Hound creates a sense of no hope for the population to escape, since it never fails demonstrated when the television report says, “[the] Mechanical Hound never fails. Never since its first use in tracking quarry has thus incredible invention made a mistake.” (Bradbury 126). The Mechanical Hound is flawless. With a sniff of a person’s scent, it can successfully track them without failing. Therefore, the public looses hope in liberation, making it futile to rebel. The consequences enacted by the authorities when one breaks the law causes people to refrain from revolting, enabling the maintenance of discipline through fear. In addition, fear helps mask the inadequacies of the government. The war is a tool used by the government, exemplified when Mrs. Phelps says, “He’ll be

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