Touch Sunnix: A Hero

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When I was assigned to do some research on a person for this speech, I really did not know whose story I should describe. Thankfully, I came across a meaningful song about Kampuchea Krom from Touch Sunnix who was a singer in Cambodia. She survived an attack on 2003. Most people think that the attempted assassination on Touch Sunnix was carried out by Anti-Khmer Krom agents because of her song about Khmer Krom. Therefore, she is such a great survivor and a hero. Touch Sunnix was born on 1980 which means she is 37 by now. She has a beautiful, sweet and soft voice. In addition. Sunnix usually sang Khmer traditional songs such as Romvong, Saravan, etc. As soon as the song about Khmer Krom released, her life has immediately changed. The song was

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