Essay on Touching The Void by Joe Simpson

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The subject of the book Touching The Void Is about three adventurers that climb a mountain and have something go terribly wrong. Joe, Simon, and Richard ascend the mountain in search of the summit. “Of rough walking and, and surrounded by by ice mountains.” Page 15. Richard stays at the base camp while Joe and Simon head out. “What time you’ll be back?” Richard asked. Page 20 Joe and Richard reach the summit of the mountain and on the descent Joe breaks his knee. They try to make it back down but they get stuck. Simon has no other choice but to cut the rope and let Joe fall. Simon continues back down with the guilt of having killed his friend. Little does Simon know, Joe is alive crawling back down the mountain fighting for his life. The …show more content…

He wanted to tell people the story behind the climb with his friends. He wanted to share the struggles he and his friends had physically and mentally making the climb and the tragedy they had to endure. He wants to acknowledge those whom helped him write his book. “The encouragement of friends and family.” Page 218. This event forever changed his life. It seems the success of the book has also turned him into a successful businessman. Interestingly one event changed everyone’s life. What I know about this author is that he likes to climb mountains and have adventures. These adventures make him who he is. He has been climbing for his whole life and without the life changing event he would not have been able to write the book. He constantly was striving for more. “I would of taken greater risks each time.” Page 214. Climbing mountains and the book changed his life. “Touching The Void and his future life changed him.” Page 214. The book is the true story of an event which occurred in the life of Joe and his friends attempting to climb a mountain. Joe Simpson is grateful he was able to write the book. The long journey up and down the mountain, Joe wanted to express his and Simons feelings of what happened. “And his trust in allowing me to write these sensitive emotions.” Page 218. He was wanting to do this, but he couldn’t do it without his friends and family’s help. “I wish to thank

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