Tourism And Its Impact On Tourism

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Tourism has taken a toll on many Native Hawaiians and is a huge human rights issue today. Most Hawaiians dislike tourism greatly due to the selfishness and greediness tourists bring to their home country. The pastor at a small rural church on the island of Kauai, Reverend Kaleo Patterson, has witnessed and dealt with numerous Hawaiians who struggle with the issues of tourism. Numerous vacation resorts that attract tourists have taken over gravesites of Hawaiians that have passed away. Due to this problem ancient Hawaiians have to partake in reburials. Tourism causes destruction to coral reefs and rivers because of mindless pollution. Reverend Patterson has protested and given public hearings in effort to acknowledge her fury on tourism. Tourism has brought an uncontrollable worldwide business that has no sympathy or thoughtfulness for the original people of Hawaii. Reverend Patterson’s small church is inconveniently located and obstructed by tourism. Many flower stands, gift shops and food stops are inadequate due to major resorts in the area. Instead of native people working and selling items at these stands and shops they sometimes have no option but to work at these huge resorts. Which leaves no business for the native peoples stands and shops. Hawaiians dream for a life that is filled with simple respect and dignity but instead they are surrounded by greed and self-indulgence tourism brings to their local country. Many Native Hawaiians do not have many other
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