Toxic Masculinity : Substance Masculinity

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As a boy grows into a man he faces the ever-raising mountain of masculinity. In regards to the occurrence, he finally reaches maturity he has no choice but in order to fight to retain his measly sense of manhood. He is not allowed to act feminine or else he’s not man enough, he can’t show his emotions, he has to hide that he can do anything a woman can do sans give birth. Boys grow up being told they are not allowed to cry and that they are supposed to be tough, that they are not able to be like girls and in the event that they are then they are not real boys. This concept is known as toxic masculinity, some people are not aware that men are being forced to suppress their emotions or even that toxic masculinity should be a topic that is …show more content…

Porter’s anecdote is proof that men are expected to be strong and masculine in every situation; they must remain unresponsive and unemotional no matter how what they are experiencing or else they will be thought to be like a woman. Dowd further imbeds this notion in her article with the statement that men should not be like women or embrace behaviors associated with women – [this] discourages men from developing female-associated qualities such as caring, and emotional responsiveness and expression (Dowd).
Porter even states that he had asked a young boy how he would feel in the event that he were to be told that he acted like a girl the boy responded by means of saying “that it would destroy him” (A Call To Men). Furthermore, even when men have been incredibly ensnared into their mental problems they will refuse to seek out therapy. Kupers insinuates that since therapy is a way in order to fix a weakness, men see seeking out a therapist as admitting that they have a need in order to get help. In the event that a man can’t handle his own problems then he must be riddled with weaknesses (Kupers). Being a man should entail getting

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