Tracking the Ebola Virus

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These past years I spent my time tracking the virus of Ebola as well as its various strains all over the world. At first I didn’t know of the disease, only of the mysterious deaths. I had heard a rumor of a man by the name of Monet who had become mysteriously sick with a disease that none have seen. This information led me to Nairobi, Kenya where the man was supposed to be. When I arrived at Nairobi Hospital I didn’t encounter the man of my search. I questioned a nurse, who asked not to be named, and she stated “A very sick man named Monet came to the hospital looking very zombie like and died but not before exploding over the waiting room and the doctors and nurses who were operating on him. Also Dr. Musoke was infected and is now unconscious.” I then started to search for Dr. Silverstein who had cared for Dr. Musoke. When I found Dr. Silverstein I told him what I why I was there. Though he was reluctant to reveal information, I convinced him to tell me that Dr. Musoke was positive for a virus known as Marburg. Apparently He had never heard of Marburg so I went to investigate. My sources found out that Marburg is an African virus but was first discovered in Marburg, Germany. In 1967 a factory that was working with African green monkeys from Uganda. The virus spread throughout the monkeys causing monkeys to crash and bleed out, and soon after the virus jumped species and infect first a man called Klaus F. The virus spread killing seven of the thirty one people who were
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