Tradition In 'The LotteryAndThe Lottery'

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Both stories talk about tradition. “The Lottery” talks about an annual tradition that is so ingrained in the community, a tradition that is pointless and harmless to the people. In “Dead Men’s Path” talks about a situation in which an outsider new to the community wants to make a change to the tradition he didn’t understand the value. Obi’s attempt to close the footpath that the locals believe is used by dead and unborn souls to enter the village. Obi uses rational, progressive arguments in discussing the matter with the village priest who, ironically, seems both more intelligent and more open-minded than the ideological headmaster. “What you say may be true,” admits the priest, adding “but we follow the practices of our fathers.” The results of Obi’s idealistic obstinacy ultimately prove disastrous for both the school and his career. Both stories theme is the tradition. In these two stories, it is apparent that tradition can be both good and bad. First of all, in “Dead Men’s Path” Michael Obi overlooks the old tradition. Obi is very passionate about his career. He is young and wants to go top of the world. He almost reaches the top of his career, because he is appointed as a headmaster in Ndume School at a very young age, except his insensitivity to others feelings and ignorance about the old tradition destroy his career. Obi wants to do his

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