Traditional Tales As A Reflection Of Culture

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Traditional tales are a reflection of the culture in which they are told due to various aspects such as their concern with goddesses, gods, and other supernatural creatures that relate to humans. The importance of myths being traditional tales and a reflection of culture displays the civilization and society of a myth and its truths. Human culture conserves historical records through the human language. It is known that humans were passing oral stories soon after they developed the ability of speech, resulting in important supernatural events and dates to be told before the present day, though they are accepted as “imaginative creations similar to Greek tragedies.”. 1P. Ian. Myth in the Ancient World (Palgrave, 2012), p. 11. They also do not have a known author, which results in the inevitability of multiple versions of a specific story being told. By means of this, ancient traditions reflected numerous elements of culture.
A substantial amount of the traditional tales have been rewritten in various forms and have also become printed literature. The tales are extremely important within a society because it carries culture in which is a reflection of a certain society. Due to this, myths express many differences such as social practices, the beliefs of the creators, and the wisdom behind each story. This allows us to understand that there is much more to myths than inspiration and entertainment, in fact, they express the spiritual truths of mankind. Albeit the fact that

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