Traditions Of A Jewish Commentary

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Traditions such as homemade decorations, Grandma’s banana pudding, and ugly sweaters often remain close to family’s hearts. Candles, decorations, food, and outfits, the list of customs never terminates! Two families, who practice traditions in the book, The Chosen by Chaim Potok, include the Malter’s and the Saunders’. David and Reuven Malter enjoy weekly services, prayer, and special articles of clothing in their lives as orthodox Jews*check for accuracy. Also, in the Saunders’ family, the boys wear intricate outfits and the father bestows the role of tzaddick to one of the male children because they practice the Jewish sect of Hadism. Although these two families’ rituals differ, they both participate in the studying of the holy scriptures, a Jewish commentary, each Shabbat, or Sabbath day. OPENER!!!The Malter’s practice their unique traditions, the Saunders’ continue their customs, and the families share the tradition of studying the holy Jewish books. Beginning with the Malter family, Mr. Malter and Reuven involve themselves in many traditions. These traditions include: services, prayer, and customary articles of clothing (prayer shaw{113}, ). One quote displays the fact that the Malter family regularly attended services and exhibits one facet of the orthodox Jew’s praying habits: “We took our usual seats a few rows up from the window and joined in the prayers.”(113). As this quote demonstrates that the Malter family often attends services, it also verifies

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