Examples Of Transcendentalism

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The 19th century transcendentalists prefer to turn to nature as a model to guide people on how to improve their lives through living simply, making the best of what they have, and refraining from passing judgement. Transcendentalism challenges individuals to be more self-reliant, many transcendentalists had discovered that the key to being true to oneself is in living as nature does. An example of a place created for this practice specifically is Brook Farm. The goal of transcendentalism is to teach an individual the basics of finding a balance within themselves by connecting their spiritual instincts with the actions taken by their own flesh. It is when the spirit is troubled, that many find themselves connecting with nature, and thus …show more content…

One belief of transcendentalists is simplifying one’s life to just a few activities at a time allows one to fully experience and appreciate each event throughout life and fully receive the most insight. In order to understand the nature of reality, one must first examine and analyze the reasoning process that governs the nature of experience. In order to achieve a union between spirit and flesh, the work of the transcendentalist is described as “a quest … to find meaning, pattern, and purpose in a universe no longer managed by an amiable and genteel Unitarian God.” (Halliwell, 2003, ❡ 2) In action that meant a aggregate regarding an experiment of Christian living, self-sustaining cooperative economics, yet and strive in conformity with avoid a hierarchy over labor and mind. (Parker & Fournier & Reedy, 2007, ❡ 1)
Teaching and educational reform were major activities which Transcendentalists had devoted their time and energy to because the intuitive nature of knowledge formed such a basic piece of their outlook, so education was naturally a prime area in which they tested their philosophy. They also tested their philosophy through the establishment of experimental living communities such as Brook Farm, which became a significant expression of Transcendentalism. Brook Farm’s school was said to be highly successful but attempts at

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