Transformation And Change In Jasmine By Bharati Mukherjee

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IMMIGRANT AND STRUGGLE IN NOVEL JASMINE Jasmine is a novel by Bharati Mukherjee written in 1989. The story is about a woman who crosses the border and ends as “Sati”. The story is the journey of the protagonist Jasmine to different transformation and struggle. The identity changes of Jasmine are much depended on her Diasporic changes. The story begins in a village Hasnapur. At small age she was called “Jyoti” and when she was a child, an astrologer said that she would live as a widow in her life. “Fate is Fate”. She became angry with him. He chucked her on head her teeth cut her tongue and in forehead she had a wound with star – shaped. The star – shaped wound looks like her third eye. “Now I’m a sage (5)”. She stays with her old sisters in the bank of the river. In this story the protagonist Jasmine act as a narrator also. The story suddenly started at Jasmine age twenty four. She lives in Baden, Elsa …show more content…

Madame Cleo trained in Ottumiva, mother squired into curls by her. There was twenty two years old woman in Hasnapur. She is Vimala. She lives in a real brick house and Jane house was mud hut. Her marriage very modern and fancy every Jane Village seen. Vimala father gave car and fridge in her dowry. Her husband died at twenty one by typhoid. At twenty two she decided to suicide with kerosene and shouted “Yama bring me to you” to the god of death. In Hasnapur its not a sad story but here its sad because mother Ripplemeyer still working of her age. Mother Ripplemeyer says about her depression stories to Jane. She also likes to see the photo of Jyoti in passport. She was not interested in seeing picture Florida and Newark. If Jane talks about India she talk about her parents, mother Ripplemeyer listened everything very carefully. Jane shares every movement of Hasnapur and even here she store water in so many things she understand her feeling. Mother Ripplemeyer says she likes Jane more than she likes

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