Transgender Speech

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Many people do not understand what it is like to be transgender but choose to speak over transgender people even when they say it is wrong and not how it is. If people would just listen to trans people then there would be less issues. To help people understand what is going on in this world for trans people I will explain what is happening in today’s world. I will show you some of the issues trans people face in the public eye. Even with talking about all of theses different experiences they are still not everyone's point of view and can not be taken as something every trans person experiences. There are trans people who will never experience any of this hate and others will only experience the hate and none of the good parts.
Transgender is a human who does not identify with the sex that they were assigned at birth. Transgender is often shortened to trans to make it easier to say and convey what they mean easier. Transgender is an umbrella term to encompass many identities. There are many other identities that go along with being transgender like trans man or women, trans demiboy or demigirl, trans nonbinary, and many others. The thing that makes you transgender is if you self identify with being transgender than you are transgender. There are many words at this moment that are used against trans people and some of those words are tranny, transgendered, transexual, shemale, and many others. These words are used against trans people to spread hate in this world. Many trans

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