Transgenderism In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness; They Should Be With Bromden and Harding Mental illnesses were diagnosed much more frequently during the middle of the twentieth century than they are today. During the time period in which One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, took place, mental illnesses were taken much more seriously, and people admitted themselves to institutions if they felt incapable of functioning sufficiently in their everyday lives. Today, people in similar situations who have great difficulty living normal lives are told that there is nothing wrong with them. The population of mental institutions today is about one tenth of the population of mental institutions in 1955 (Kozlowska). McMurphy and modern day leftists do not …show more content…

For some odd reason that will never be understood by many, people on the left believe it is perfectly normal for others to choose their genders, completely disregarding the appendages or the hole in their crotch area. This belief by the left is a tremendous display of their utter stupidity. People on the left who believe that transgenderism is completely normal have a grand disregard for facts. Instead, they base their beliefs on feeling good. They attempt to offend as few people as possible and attempt to be as politically correct as possible. Unfortunately for them, facts can be offensive, and they typically do not support politically correct ideas. Primarily, members of the left disregard biology. If transgendered people mutilate their bodies, their gender remains unchanged. Just about every cell in the bodies of the unfortunate people, with the possible exception of the cells in the genital area, depending on if hormone treatment has been performed, still has the true chromosomes of the genders of these people. The feelings of these mentally deranged people do not change the fact that an overwhelming majority of the cells in their bodies have gone unchanged. Genital mutilation does not change the gender of people, no matter how these ill people feel about themselves. Leftists also tend to ignore the fact …show more content…

The left fights for the rights of people with transgender disorder to genitally mutilate themselves instead of aiding them by giving them mental aid and treatment. McMurphy fought for the rights of the mentally ill to live in the ward in anarchy instead of attempting to aid Nurse Ratched in improving the mental states of the patients in the ward. In both situations, the people who need the most help of all are pushed in a direction opposite of the way they should really go to receive treatment and live better

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