Trenches Of Death During World War I

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Trenches of death
Countries developed new tactics and weapons to gain victory over their enemies, the
Trench war is a type of land battle, in which opposing forces attack- counterattack and defend from permanent systems of trenches, troops are protected from the enemy`s arms fire and are sheltered from artillery inside the trenches dug into the ground.
A trench model may begin as a collection of foxholes rapidly dug by the troops using
Their entrenching tools, these holes may after be deepened so that a soldier can stand up in one of them safely; in making a trench, soil from the digging is used to create raised parapets in front of and behind the trench.
Trenches became the dominant style of battle in World War 1 and one of the main
Reasons For men death in the war, in this paper how was the trenches were built? And how was
The life inside it? Also, we are going to know about the trench warfare in the American history.
Trench construction methods
War in the trenches is described in an apocalyptic, horrific terms, usually there were three parallel lines of trenches, a front- line trench was of major importance guarded by tangled lines of barbed wire, typically only occupied in force during stand to attention at dawn and dusk , located 50 yards to a mile from its enemy counterpart, a support trench line to which the garrison would draw when the front trench was bombarded, located several hundred yards back, and several hundred yards behind that a reserve trench line where…

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