Trenchless Pipe Replacement Research Paper

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Trenchless Pipe Replacement | Water Line Repair Katy Plumbing is a necessity in the modern home. When a problem occurs with the water main or sewer line beneath your lawn, trenchless pipe replacement can provide a time effective solution without the need for excavating your lawn. Trenchless pipe replacement requires less labor, and less time than traditional methods of pipe replacement. Furthermore, it prevents the need for replacing sod and landscaping. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy for expert sewer, or water line repair in Katy. The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement • The majority of repairs can be completed in less than a day • Provides a less intrusive means of replacement than the traditional method requiring excavating • Preserves the lawn, …show more content…

The technology uses a bursting head to fragment existing pipe, pushing it away and into the surrounding soil, while pulling new pipe into the vacated space for a seamless repair. As the process occurs underground, there is little or no destruction of the lawn and landscaping. Pipe bursting is applicable for pipe repair or the replacement of the entire pipeline, providing non-destructive sewer, or water line repair in Katy. A Benjamin Franklin plumber can typically provide pipe replacement within a single day with the modern process of trenchless technology. The conventional means of providing sewer or water line repair in Katy requires digging, typically with a backhoe. Trenchless pipe replacement can eliminate the use of heavy equipment, its expense, and enables a procedure that would otherwise potentially take days to repair, to be complete in just hours. Trenchless pipe replacement is the most efficient, and cost effective means of repairing a damaged water or sewer line. Pipe Replacement and Repair Trenchless pipe replacement and repair is an option for sewer or water line issues such as the

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