Trends in Family Formation Supporting Same Sex Marriage

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Trends in family formation are crucial in determining the kind of families that will exist in future generations. It is fact that the father- mother kind of families that have existed for many generations maintained over the years due to the belief that they were the ideal type of family set up. However, the trends in family formation today are changing as a growing number of families are experiencing several challenges such as divorce, single parent situations, financial problems, legal battles over custody and wealth and infidelity, among other challenges. These have caused young people to question whether the traditional way of doing things is practical in the twenty first century and many do not intend on following their parents’ …show more content…

Parental abuse therefore contributes to the rates of same sex marriages. Roberts (2005) brings out that sexual conduct and family trends are additionally growing less traditional and are growing more tolerant to diversity. This diversity on the other hand refers to matters of non marital parenting, non marital cohabitation and matters of divorce. The modern trend of non marital cohabitation is a great factor that encourages young people to practice abnormal behavior. Because the society has become tolerant to people living together without being married, it is common practice for people to have multiple sexual partners. This in turn has made some people to feel unsatisfied with heterosexual relationships especially when none of the former partners ever met their expectations. This happens especially for women who claim that men cannot satisfy their diverse needs and so end up looking for other women who can understand what they go through. The modern trend of viewing sexual satisfaction as a requirement for a happy relationship leads many people into homosexuality in an attempt to fulfill their sexual needs. Gender equality has furthermore made women to believe in the notion that “what men can do women can do better”. Women have become more confident and as a result gender roles have changed even in the family set up (Roberts, 2005). In previous times, men went to work and women remained in the

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