Trifles And The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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Between the 1800’s and 1900’s men felt and were superior from women. Society chose to make men be powerful people, expecting men to make women inferior. Men were seen as dominant, the one who had control of everyone. Women, on the other hand, were incapable of expressing their feelings and were powerless regarding an opinion. The short story of “The Yellow Wallpaper” Jane, and the play “Trifles” Mrs. Wright conveyed a desired freedom from their husbands that all women wanted back then. A feminist criticism approach was displayed in both the story and the play as the main thing portrayed. Both Jane and Mrs. Wright were oppressed by their husbands because it was an expectation from society. Evidently, women were oppressed by men because of society, where men had an overall control and once a woman got to marry a man freedom was taken away from them, but at the end, women were able to encounter their freedom once again.
Society back then marked women’s lives forever because they were restrained just to raise their children, take care of households and follow husband’s orders. Men used to make women feel unimportant by not giving them a chance to have an opinion, and worthless by not letting them express their feelings. The community had a significant influence in making women feel inferior. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the protagonist (Jane) was the embodiment of struggles that women went through for wanting freedom. Jane was a young mother and wife who began to suffer from

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