Triump in The Scarlett Letter by Nathiel Hawthorne

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Surrounding these triumphant (or sometimes not) heroes are conflicts that can be categorized into some of the following: man versus man, man versus himself, man versus nature, and man versus society. The conflict between an individual and society is common in American literature due to the qualities of a typical American hero; they often run on their own set of morals and do not fit into their society. However by going through this struggle, characters are able to grow and develop. The varying reaction amongst characters fighting against their society help authors show important character developments as well as provide more insight to their true personalities. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne highlights the empowerment of women in society by having Hester Prynne as his protagonist. Hester is jailed and practically exiled from her town after she is discovered to have committed adultery. She refuses to reveal her paramour and has to raise her daughter, Pearl, by herself under the scrutiny of town officials. In addition to time in jail, the town makes Hester wear a scarlet letter, which serves as a physical brand that separates her from society. There is a stark contrast between the ornate letter and her otherwise plain clothing. Though the color red is associated with her sin, it also represents Hester’s passion and love. Hester’s love for…
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