Trojan War Research Paper

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Trojan war Have you ever heard of Achilles? he was one of the greatest war heroes that ever lived and was mostly known for fighting in the great Trojan War. The Trojan war began in the twelfth Century and ended sometime in the thirteenth century. The Trojan war was one of the greatest occurrences for the Greeks and they are widely known for this war. Many other heroes like hector and Aeneas fought in this war. One major event that triggered the Trojan war was, the wedding of king Peleus and Thetis. After the unfortunate death of Antigone, Peleus decided to marry the sea-nymph, Thetis. Their wedding was considered highly important and most of the high Gods attended it. “As a wedding present, Poseidon gave Peleus two …show more content…

With a family to take care of, he did not want to go to war. To avoid the war, Odysseus “sowed his fields with salt”- ( Trojan 3) to appear insane. However Palamedes saw through his plan and tested him by placing his son in front of him on Ploughs Path. Odysseus not willing to kill his son revealed his sanity. Which required him to go and fight in the war. – (Trojan 3) Achilles, the most infamous warriors in the Trojan war, also didn't want to participate in the Trojan War. Son of Thetis, the sea nymph, and King Peleus. He was the only child out of seven to live past infancy. Achilles in known for being invincible except for his Achilles' tendon. As an infant, Achilles mother dipped him into the River Styx by his heel. This made him invincible every where except for his Achilles' tendon, thus the name Achilles. Later in life, he was shot in the tendon and bleed out and died. – ( Achillles 4) Just like Odysseus, Achilles' wanted to avoid the war too. His mother dressed him up as a woman to avoid having to go to war. Just like Odysseus, his plan failed . “While disguised as a merchant bearing trinkets and weaponry, Achilles was marked out from the other women for admiring weaponry instead of clothes and jewelry”. – ( Trojan 3). Because of his behavior, he was thrust into …show more content…

Prophecy foretold that the first person to step foot on land would Be the first to die in battle. Being smart and cunning, Odysseus threw one mans shield on the land. Who hopped of the boat and retrieved his shield. And sure enough he was the first casualty of Hector. Hector was the prince of Troy and the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. Hector was considered the greatest warrior of Troy. He, among the other great warriors, did not approve of the war between the Greeks and Trojans. After a battle, it appeared as if the Greeks were going to lose, but a second wave of their ships arrived. With more men, they started to push back the Trojans until they eventually retreated back to their city walls. – ( Arrival

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