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In a world where people have succumb to viewing people and objects only for face value, there are few who take a deeper look into what is actually present underneath the surface. One of these people was Truman Capote. Capote was able to take experiences from his own life and put them into words for the public to read and relate to. Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (“Great” 233) His mother, Lillie Mae Faulk was married to Arch Persons. (“Great” 234”) She was the tender age of sixteen when she had married him in an attempt to escape her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. (“Notable” 218). Arch tried many other jobs and was often near being in trouble with the law due to his …show more content…

(“Notable” 219) Earlier works of Capote focused on southern settings and people and drew praise due to his vivid descriptions and characterizations. (“Great” 233)
Capote then got a job at the New Yorker as a writer but was soon fired for angering poet, Robert Frost. He took time afterwards to work on his first big publication, Other Voices, Other Rooms. The story was published in 1948 and became an immediate best seller. (“Great” 234) Praise was received for Other Voices, Other Rooms, critiques claiming Capote had the “uncanny ability to make the weird world come alive” (“Notable” 219) The cover art of the story created a stir among the public as it was a picture of Capote on a sofa with a seductive stare. This experience taught Capote that his private life could give him just as much publicity as his work could. (“Great” 234). After he started to climb the social ladder, Capote befriended social lights such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy (“Great” 235)
In November of 1959, farmer Herb Clutter and his whole family had been murdered in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas. Capote and Harper Lee went to the town to gather information on the case for a book. (“Great” 237) Capote dedicated himself to the story and the case from November of 1959 to April of 1965. (“Notable” 219-220) The finish of In Cold Blood was delayed because the executions of the criminals were delayed and Capote wanted

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