Truman Capote -'In Cold Blood' - Nature vs Nurture

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ryan hegarty
In Cold Blood. Question 2 “Nature vs Nurture”
Truman Capote’s acclaimed “non-fiction” novel, In Cold Blood explores the concept as to whether killers are born or made, following the brutal murders of the Clutter family in rural Kansas. Capote develops Perry Smith’s horrid, unfortunate upbringing as a key narrative device which serves to illustrate the effect of childhood experiences on adult behaviour. Capote manipulates the reader’s idea of morality, controversially portraying Perry Smith in a sympathetic fashion despite his crimes, in an attempt to explain, if not justify, his actions. Capote juxtaposes two different perspectives on the crime, emphasising the difference between the victims’ background and that of the …show more content…

The reader gains a sense of empathy for Perry Smith as Capote’s sensitive representation of him invites the reader to ponder his misfortune. As a result, the reader is prompted to suspend their beliefs and morals, and consider the “unjust” punishment that Perry is receiving. They are inclined to rethink their previous observations that the killer “is born evil” in light of Perry’s unfortunate upbringing. Undoubtedly, through Capotes invited reading,

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