Truman Capote is Famous for His Novels, Stories and Screenplays

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Truman Capote was born September 30th 1924 and died August 15th 1984. At the age of seventeen he got a job writing in the New Yorker magazine. In his lifetime he wrote many great books including In Cold Blood, Other Voices, A Christmas Memory, The Thanksgiving Visitor, & many more wonderful stories. In Cold Blood was published September twenty fifth in 1965. Truman Capote received much help in his four years of writing In Cold Blood from Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. He was very famous and was seen at the best parties and clubs. There is even a movie of the story In Cold Blood made December twelfth 1967 Rated R. In Cold Blood was his most famous book. Truman appeared on talk shows because of it. Capote is famous for his novels, stories and screenplays that have been used to produces at least 20 films. To celebrate the book’s success, Capote threw what many called the “Party of the Century,” the famous “Black and White Ball.” This masked ball, at New York’s elegant Plaza Hotel. After a bad review by a journalist Capotes friends cut him off and he ended up doing drugs and drinking.

Dick and Perry are cellmates in jail. Perry is in Jail for murdering a black man, and Dick is just in jail. In Jail Dick meets a man named Floyd Wells who tells about a family he used to work for named the clutters and how they had a safe with ten thousand dollars in it. Ever since then Dick has been talking to Perry about robbing them when they got out of jail.

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