Tuesdays With Morrie

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“Tuesdays with Morrie”, by Mitch Albom, is a nonfiction retelling of a student’s meetings with his former mentor. Mitch, now a corporate lapdog, revisits one of his old college professors after he hears that he has contracted ALS, a terminal disease with no known cure. Mitch and his old professor, Morrie, discuss Morrie’s life every tuesday, and these talks continuously make Mitch a better person than who he was. Throughout this book many different themes are touched upon. One of these such theme is the theme, and also Morrie’s saying, “Love or Perish”. Throughout the book Morrie regularly hammers in the point that to live without love, is to not live at all. Morrie is able to explain to Mitch that the essence of love is the reason which …show more content…

Even in Morrie’s dying state, the slightest brush of skin to skin contact with Mitch is enough to make Morrie happy. Morrie relays that without his wife, without his nurses, and most importantly without Mitch, he would not have been able to last as long as he did with his ALS. Another theme throughout the book is that Morrie teaches Mitch to live life his own way. Morrie is disgusted by america’s lust for greed, fakeness, and violence, and teaches to establish your own way of thinking. While the O.J. Simpson case was going on, Morrie completely shut himself off from the case, and instead focused on his family and friends. Morrie built his life on the foundation of love and forgiving, two things that are shunned in America, in Morrie’s eyes. Morrie teaches Mitch that creating his own values and beliefs leads to a much more enjoyable life than accepting mainstream America. One more theme evident in “Tuesdays with Morrie” is the theme that life is full of choices. Morrie says early on in the book that he had two choices when he got sick, feel sorry for himself or do something to try and help the world. Morrie choose the second

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