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JIMMA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND LAW DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE THEMATIC ANALYSIS OF ISSAYYAAS HORDOFAAS NOVEL YOOMILAATAA BY:- TEKALIGN GURMESA ADVISOR:- ASHENAFI BELAY SUBMISSION OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL TO DEPARTMENT ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Contents Page Acknowledgement Abstract Chapter one 1. Introduction 1.1. background of the study 1.2. Statement of the problem 1.3. Objective of the study 1.3.1. General Objective 1.3.2. Specific Objective 1.4. Significance of the study 1.5. Delimitation of the study Chapter two 2. Review of Related Literature 1.6. Definition of…show more content…
One important reason for studying and analyzing any literary work is to come up with its meaning (message) and to get a literary competence. Therefore, in order to comprehend the meaning any literary work thematic analysis is important. Theme is the central idea or meaning of the story. According to Melakneh Mengistu (2006:62), “theme is a preoccupation and broad idea in story and message the author is conveying”. This show that themes is message what the author intended to transfer to the readers from broad concept. Novel, as part of literature, it can express religion, history, and politics of a given society. According toCastel's English Dictionary, "novel is a fictionist narrative in prose usually of sufficient length to fill a volume, portraying characters and situations from real life. From this question, we can understand that novel expresses the life situation of community which is in pros e form and through characters .Further more, as Chamber'sTwentieth century dictionary, novel is “a fictious prose narrative or tale presenting a picture real life especially of the emotional crisis in the life history of men and women portrayed .This indicates that by using fiction , novel can reflect what really exist in the society concerning the life story of both women and men. There are many types of novel like pastoriala novel, epistolary novel, horror novel
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