Turkey : A Modern Country

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The sun was barely peeking over the horizon, and I could hear the nearby mosques call out the on the speakers, which signaled the start of morning prayer for nearly 15 million Muslims living in Istanbul. It had been nearly 8 hours since my friend, Basil, and I started wandering around Istanbul’s most popular tourist sites, and it had almost been 6 hours since we had first gotten lost. Walking around all night trying to figure out how we had gotten into such a sticky situation, we exited the famous Blue Mosque and made our way back to the metro station, hoping now that they would be open so that we could finally catch a ride back to our dorms. That night I had experienced a lifestyle like nothing before, one that I would never forget.…show more content…
Another downside to the public transportation in Istanbul is that the metro can get extremely packed, which can be bad for people who have personal space issues, but can be easily dealt with if you manage to be quick and grab a seat. “So how do we know when to get off?” I asked Basil in a very confused tone. “When I tell you to, jump off”, was his stern reply. I learned never to doubt a confident person, but I still had no idea how he knew how to get around Istanbul. Unfortunately for us, Basil was an idiot, he had absolutely no idea how to get around the city since it was his first time their just like me. He had an innate feeling of confidence based off of no reason whatsoever, but I didn’t doubt him since I had no idea how to navigate the city and felt like a headless chicken in a Chinese meat shop. All of a sudden I heard Basil call out to me from the outside, “dude get off the train!”, there was only a few seconds left before the train doors closed and I would be transported to an unknown location with absolutely no idea of how to get around. I leaped off and watched the doors close behind me while the train sped off to the next stop. “Next time you stick by my side”, Basil exclaimed. I couldn’t agree more, and after that, I kept him in my sights. As we moved on and marveled at the sight of the Blue
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