Turning Point Of History : The Civil War

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Jonathan Iraheta
Mr. Kaiser
HIS 132
10 March 2017
Turning point in History The civil war was a turning point in history due to the changes that happened in slavery, military innovations and how it brought the North and South together. In this paper I will be arguing how the civil war is a major turning point in history and how it affected the United States. The civil war really determined what kind of nation the U.S. would be and whether or not it would continue to exist as the world’s largest slaveholding country in the world.
The Civil War was one of the most destructive war to take place between the end of 1815 to 1914. About 625,000 American lives were lost and this amount was more than all the other wars in which this country fought
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Slavery was the main idea of the war and the Union was strategizing out how to completely abolish slavery and how to completely end the war. The Confederate army promised to compensate any “property” that was either lost or killed in the war the all Southern whites. Sadly the Union showed the Southerners that the Confederate government could not pull through with their promise to protect the property rights whites held in slavery. With this this the Union army helped slaves sought their own freedom. The formal abolition of slavery laws was carried out in the terms of reconstruction for Southern states. But slavery as an idea vested in property rights persisted among many whites and proved durable during the long Reconstruction years. After the war life was hard for slaves because of many discriminatory acts that occurred. The transition from slave labor to free labor was difficult for many blacks. Slavery did not completely end even after the war because of the how the Southern legislation created laws that could give them the right to imprisoned slaves just for not fitting in with society. But all of this were just obstacles in the path of abolishing slavery for good, so the way did help speed up or start the abolishing of slavery but the 13th amendment being passed by President Lincoln is what majorly help abolished slavery.
Slavery was not the only aspect out of the way there were also many military innovations that
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