Two Similarities And Differences Between Germany And China

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Germany, a western country is well-known for beer, sausage and innovative technology. China, an eastern country is well-known for delicious food, martial arts and low priced products. Everyone knows they are completely different. However, can you raise some concrete examples showing their difference? And is it true that both do not have a single similarity at all? Though, they have certain similar aspects if you look closer. One obvious difference between Germany and China is the food habit. German tends to have cool food for breakfast, which comprises bread, cheese and cold meat like ham and salami, whereas the Chinese tend to have hot food at the beginning of the day, such as congee, which is a thick, white porridge made of rice and water. …show more content…

Both countries view family as a key aspect of their life. German have a strong bond with family. For example, everybody goes back home for reunion at Christmas and Easter. Family would spend time together for enjoying the long holiday. Chinese also emphasize family gathering and reunion, just as German do. During the Spring Festival, a number of Chinese would travel from the city they are working at back to their hometown in order to celebrate and gather, given the fact that the Spring Festival is the most important festival to Chinese. Furthermore, both societies show a great respect to elders. There is a Chinese saying, “An old in a home is like a treasure of a family.” Chinese view the elder as an experienced and alive encyclopedia more than an encumbrance in the society. Similarly, German are always willing to help the senior citizens. German help those citizens is common in public, like on buses and at restaurants. The youngsters would give up their seats, or helping the elders getting on and off the bus. The politeness to senior citizens could be also shown from the German language. People would use ‘Sie’, which is a polite and formal form to address other, ‘Herr’ and ‘Frau’ to address the senior

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