Essay on Two Truths and a Lie; Elphis Pradis

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Elpis Pradis was wanted in almost every country. Except Russia. Elpis didn’t know why, all she knew is Russians were just plain weird like that. All the other countries had posters hung everywhere, saying “Wanted: Elpis Praidis.” In large, bold, print. She felt like a freaking celebrity with all this attention. Elpis had perfectly good reasons for doing what she did. She had no choice sometimes. Others, she did, but crime seemed like the reasonable choice. Elpis’s current excuse was that she was trying to stay alive and save her friend, Juliane. The smartest, and richest teen in the world was known as Juliane Zenaide Nathalie Dufour. Her enemy, which she would dare not speak their names, had kidnapped her and taken Juliane …show more content…

Elpis found nothing. “Raven...raven.” It seemed like it meant a bird. But she realized it could mean color also. She did many detailed searches. Not many had answers, the ones that did seemed too obvious, a trap. She realized that Maryland wanted to make the Raven their state bird. She had only skimmed over the article, but she didn’t need much. Her quest wasn’t about for sure-ness and credible sources. Her quest was about life and death. She pulled up a picture of a map. Virgina! She needed to go somewhere in Virginia. Down the hall meant going south...easy. Raven’s Road meant Maryland. Elpis had no choice but to go to sleep. She didn’t like the idea of sleep, considering she was on the run, and her cover could be blown at any second. But even on top of that, an uncountable amount of people were out to kill her. In the morning, she checkout and ran. She got a new fake ID, new disguise and hopped on the next boat to North Carolina. She knew that people were expecting her both in Virginia and Maryland, but she decided to roll the dice and see if they were dumb enough to be in the state below Virginia. She had no idea why she was on a boat. Elpis was just different like that. When she got to North Carolina, she waited until the next day at night to ride a train to Virginia. If they knew she was here, they would probably expect her to take the soonest train- to get to her friend faster. The train ride was pretty dead,

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