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Tyler J. Torgensen

Professor Roxana Russo

ENC 1101 – 250 English 1

29 February 2017

How does Make-A-Wish help those in need? Make-A-Wish is one of the most well-known charities in the world for giving dying children one last wish and making it come true for them. I remember in middle school one of my friend’s brothers had cancer and so his parents reached out to Make-A-Wish to try and give their son a happy memory that he could cherish for the rest of his life. He wished he could ride in a monster truck so the people at Make-A-Wish had it arranged and they reached out and asked them to come to the Delta Center which was home to the Utah Jazz but could also house monster trucking. He went and got to ride in the most famous monster …show more content…

These kids who knew they were going to die were given hope, hope that could hopefully allow them to become healthier. It might seem stupid or gimmicky to older people but to these kids it’s all they got in life. Make-A-Wish grew so rapidly because of this, that they were making tens of thousands of wishes come true each year.
Now that we have covered the full history of Make-A-Wish let’s move on to general facts of Make-A-Wish. To be eligible you must be referred by someone treating the child, a parent or legal guardian, or the children themselves if they are of age. The average cost of granting a wish is $10,130. Make-A-Wish pays for the full experience including costs of travel because they believe that the parents have enough financial worries. The way Make-A-Wish makes money for all of this is from mainly donations and foundation grants. This means that normal every day citizens are funding these wishes and could be giving a dying kid their last wish which I think is special. There have been numerous celebrities and stars that participate in Make-A-Wish. John cena holds the record for Make-A-Wish at over 500 wishes. Justin Bieber has participated in over 200 wishes and numerous celebrities have done multiple wishes. This is all voluntary so none of these celebrities are forced to do it.
Now that we have looked at the general facts of Make-A-Wish lets read the

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