Typical American Consumer

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Access, a credit card company, has a slogan that is very universally applied, “Access takes the waiting out of wanting” (Oxford University Press, 2016). The social normal for America is to be a consumer. The textbook explains, a society that is consumer based needs a large middle/upper class, which allows time for hobbies and the use of services that goes beyond basic needs (Kornblum and Seccombe, 2017). Credit cards are part of our economy because of low income; as well as, society's mindset that certain items are necessary, although the item may not be. For example, a family has two children and both mother and father make minimum wage. The low minimum wage prohibits the mother and father to afford shelter, food, and clothing. The parents will also …show more content…

Another reason credit cards are part of our economy is American’s consumer mentality. To understand America's consumer mentality the textbook as the reader to look at the advertisement a typical American would see in a day (Kornblum and Seccombe, 2017). Big corporations publicize the importance of their product; thus, convincing the reader that the item is a "must have." This "must have" mentality please individuals to spend the money that he or she does not have by using credit cards. Consumerism is the main reason why credit cards are part of our economy. Credit cards are not only part of our economy, but also cause a social problem. The root of the problem is individuals spending money they do not have. With increased use of credit cards there has been a substantial rise in unpaid debts and personal bankruptcy. Credit cards have payment deadlines and when those deadlines are not met, the monetary amount owed increases. For example, a man bought a very expensive item with his credit card. The man cannot pay his bill and thus he owes more

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