U.S. Import Export Analysis

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U.S. Trade Analysis with other Countries

Purpose- This paper presents the analysis of U.S. imports and exports by managing the trade balance. It also presents the leading U.S. imports and exports in terms of value along with the important partners.
Design/methodology/approach- The author explains the balance of trade including the rise and fall of U.S. trade deficit using the analysis between different countries imports and exports.
Research limitations/implications- The study is limited to analysis of imports, exports, trade surplus and deficit of U.S. trading.
Originality/value- This paper will help to build up the understanding about the basic imports, exports and importance of balancing the trade cycle for a country. …show more content…

It can generate a lot balance problems to nation economy if the imports are increased then a certain amount. The currency can be devalued too due to a lot of imports. The economic performance is dependent on the currency value. The annual GDP consists of consumer spending, government spending and capital investment. The overall major term is calculated using exports minus imports. If the number of exports increases than the imports then the export figure would be positive. The positive net exports plays major role in increasing the growth of economy. Increased number of imports means more manufacturing in the industries, which means more jobs and more number of people are employed. Imports on the other parts are considered negative on the economy. The exports also indicate the inflow of cash inside the country. Imports can drag the GDP down (Townsend, 1979).

Effect of Exchange rates
The exchange rates is a complicated concept that derives a relationship between the imports and exports. The exchange rate has also effect on the trade surplus and deficit. A weaker currency will make imports more expensive than the exports and a strong currency will make imports cheaper.

U.S. Exports and Imports top partners
All the data of US exports is managed by the electronic export information except Canada through the automated export system. The filing of electronic information is necessary for the exporting. The Canada exports are managed

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