US Soldiers and Their Relationship With Society in America After the Vietnam War

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US Soldiers and Their Relationship With Society in America After the Vietnam War

Imagine playing in the NCAA National Championship game in front of 50,000 people and millions of others watching via their televisions at home. After an intensely fought game the final score indicates that a loss was suffered. Hopes and dreams of winning a National Championship are gone and one can only contemplate what could have gone the other way and what may be in store for next season on the journey home. Once arriving to campus the cheers and mass distributions of congrats are heard by those in the surrounding society for the effort and hard work exhibited by the players on the team. Although defeat was endured, positivity still lingered amongst
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A complete history of Vietnam from an individual perspective Discomfort on the part of the society of America began to become more apparent and on October 15, 1965 one of the first demonstrations against the war occurred in New York City. More than 25,000 people attended the event of protest. World War II veterans against the war at Vietnam began getting harassed by supporters of the war and the negative image Vietnam would portray started coming into focus (2). The rallies of those against the war continued throughout the nation during the entire length of the war and from 1969 to 1973 “the original negative image of the Vietnam veteran was born” (3). A division amongst society quickly became apparent in those against the war and those for or fighting in the war at Vietnam. Avoiding the draft was practiced by numerous individuals who did not want to be succumbed to the negativity of America. American citizen, Adam Edwards said of the draft situation, “As I look back at it now, I would have postponed my schooling and gone with my initial feeling of joining the war. I was not in fear of what could happen in Vietnam but rather how much the community around me would have disapproved of my participating (4).

As the end of the war approached in the North Vietnamese’ surrounding of the US embassy at Saigon, the tally of American lives taken by the war exceeded 50,000 people. The actual conflict was never defined
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