Un Convention Against Torture And Part II Of The 1949 Geneva Protocol

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Sponsor: France Committee: 6th Legal Topic: Enhanced Interrogation The General Assembly, Recognizing the inhumane use of both physical and psychological torture and a means of enhanced interrogation, Believing that mildly enhanced interrogation is an effective means of convicting criminals only if it is used in a humane way, Bearing in mind that every suspect of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, Declaring that no criminal case is ever justified in utilizing torture as a form of enhanced interrogation, Emphasizing the fact that enhanced interrogation escalates to torture due to a lack of monitoring in detainment centers, Taking into account the undistinguished threshold between enhanced interrogation and torture, In agreement …show more content…

Emphasizes the need for monitoring within detainment facilities: a. carried out by surveillance cameras, b. ensured by regular UN sponsored inspections; 5. Directs an impartial investigation of a detainment center: a. within thirty days of a report of possible torture, b. carried out by INTERPOL; 6. Requests the use of a team of psychologists to determine the interrogation techniques that cause serious physical or psychological harm: a. to maintain the jurisdiction of international law as new techniques develop, b. so that the use of these techniques may warrant an investigation, c. to allow the continuation of humane, yet effective forms of enhanced interrogation; 7. Enforces regulated training and monitoring with the use of: a. monetary incentives, b. potential economic sanctions for the refusal to cooperate; 8. Designates an anonymous tipping system to: a. collect inside knowledge of detainment centers worldwide, b. give former detainees and officers an opportunity to report the offenses of these centers without revealing their identity; 9. Encourages the collaboration of member states in order to standardize detainment centers worldwide through: a. a biannual conference for the purpose of discussing the regulation of detainment centers, b. communication between nations for the process of organizing trials and extraditions. Sponsor: France Committee: 6th Legal Topic: International

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