Unconformity And Conformity

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Fundamentally, so long as individuals are conditioned to become content with their spot in society, they will never rebel. Furthermore, since the government does such an effective job at making it impossible for individuals even imagine any other possible quality of life, they see whatever inequality they face simply as a necessary “price of civilization” (Orwell 212). Moreover, as made evident by the proletarian and Epsilon classes in 1984 and Brave New World “a large class of the people do not want to be cultured and are not interested in the higher life. For these people existence on the lower, animal levels is perfectly satisfactory. Given food, drink, the company of their fellows, sexual enjoyment, and plenty of noisy distractions from without, they are happy,” (Varricchio) and are therefore accepting of their “unescapable social destiny” (Huxley 26). What’s more, because the masses are so conditioned to accept their positions in society, they are also inclined to feel uncomfortable with and take preventative measures against disobeying the system.
Humanity typically fears the unknown, and as such, individuals have a tendency to report to the government they trust upon noticing someone they don’t trust act apart from the status quo. People do this out of regard for what they perceive to be their own safety and as a result, enforce conformity for the government. This is precedented in Brave New World when Helmholtz Watson is reported to the authorities by his own

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