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In this paper, I will be explaining the marketing approaches that Under Armour shoe division is taking in competing against rivals competitors in the shoe division, its approach and initial take on expanding into the field, also some key factors in different marketing approaches and direction it’s heading in. I will be discussing concepts used regarding corporate image and brand management and integrated marketing communications, finally, researched articles and data in reference towards the marketing approach Under Armour has taken in the questions provided by the professor.
4A. The market share of each running shoe manufacturer on the bottom of page 15
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4C. In 2009 what were Under Armour’s key strengths and weaknesses in the running shoe market? Strengths: Corporate Image, Consumer Brand Loyalty, Investing more into breaking into new markets and dealing with distributors. One key thing that is supporting the running shoe market of Under Armour is their established brand in the Athletic gear department. It was also seen that Under Armour is investing more into breaking into new markets and distributors for their product lines, which will be seen by reported 2011 date. The VP of Under Armour’s marketing stated that he believes their brand apparel will speak for itself, and loyal customers will try out their new running product line because of their deliverance in performance in everything they do. Weaknesses: Limited Amount of Distributors, International Expansion, Brand Equity. Ultimately, the running shoe market isn’t doing great overall as sales are lagging in fourth quarter in 2009 going from 9.2m to 8.2m. Almost all of their sales were in the US provenience, as most of their sales have been, although, Under Armour is attempting to push more into an international brand especially in China. Another key problem Under Armour’s running shoe department is having is establishing brand equity for their product line, especially doing this effectively against powerhouses that

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